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    Why Do I combine Psychology with Metaphysics?

    Over and over again I have been asked, why do I put all my eggs in one busket? Why don’t I run a seperate blog for psychology / motivation / success and another blog for spiritual / feng shui / metaphysics / occult? Is it because I want to save extra $9 on a domain name? Is it because I am too lazy? Or I just don’t give a damn? None of the the above. If you know me from my social media accounts, you probably already know that I run several other businesses, blogs and YouTube channels in totally different niche. And no I am not trying to grab…

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    Diet & Weight Loss

    How To Drink More Water In 2019?

    There is nothing more valuable than being healthy in body and mind. Even the greatest fortune cannot compete with the ability to enjoy life with a healthy body. Where does health start? A healthy body starts with plenty of water intake. Today, we are going to give you some important tips to help you drink more water in 2019 for a healthier mind and body. Give water a bit of taste Some people don’t like drinking water because they feel it has no taste and ruins their meals. If you dislike the tasteless aspect of water, you can try infusing it with lemon or fresh herbs. Maybe try a bit…

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    Personal Growth

    11 Aspects of Practical Spiritual Science

    Practical spiritual science deals with several aspects, which are all different, yet nonetheless connected. In this blog post, we will discuss motif, trust, trials, refinement, transformation, strength, pride, reward, meditation, altruism, solidarity, etc. Motif The right motive for seeking self-insight is about focusing on insight and not on yourself. Self-insight is essential, but it is only due to the knowledge one can acquire, and it has nothing to do with one’s self. One must seek self-insight from devotion to insight and understanding, and the self-insight will eventually become a reward in itself. If one becomes impatient, it indicates that the person works for reward and not for devotion, and it…

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    Scientific Occultism

    Origin of The Hermetic Philosophy

    The HERMETIC PHILOSOPHY – is considered to be a pearl of ancient and eternal wisdom. Hermes is identical to the god of wisdom Tehuti (Greek: Thoth). In the drawings of the Osiris Temple in Abydos, Tehuti reaches the ankh cross – the symbol of life – to Pharaoh Sethos I, in the form of Osiris. Originating from Egypt It is widely acknowledged that the philosophy of hermeticism originates from ancient Egypt. This opinion is also highly seasoned with platonic ideas (which are also considered to be derived from Egyptian cosmology). The aim of Plato’s teachings was that personal mastery of life must come first and foremost, and could be achieved…

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    Scientific Occultism

    The Definition of Esoteric Science

    More and more people use the word “esoteric,” and among other things, it has become commonplace to say that symbolism usually has an “esoteric meaning.” Some, therefore, believe that esoteric means “mysterious” or “mystery,” but the word “mystery” is Greek, and was originally used for the often dramatic representations of the world’s creation, cosmic processes, and energies, or the qualities and development of the spirit and the soul, etc. The Hierophants (the chief priests performed the mysteries as dramas in the temples, in order for the neophytes to interpret the esoteric significance of the esoteric rituals, and all that happened in the walls of these mysteries – strictly kept secret.…

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    Scientific Occultism

    Mental Abilities – Fact or Fiction?

    Let clear something out right from the start: In this article, it is not questioned whether the ability to “see” using spiritual senses is a fact or not. The starting point is that psychic abilities are a fact. Instead, it focuses on whether you can rely on the nature and quality of the clairvoyance that is increasingly being offered to people seeking psychiatric therapists and whether there is a reason to be critical and, if so, how. It has become common practice to consult a clairvoyant who, through his special abilities, is able to see aura, inner worlds, and phenomena that one cannot see with the physical sight. Specifically this…

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    Scientific Occultism

    Occultism & Morality

    When it comes to to occultism, many people believe this is an “immoral” practice. Try and ask 10 random people on the street and I believe 9 out of 10 will tell you that people who engage in occult practices are immoral. The root of this misconception lies in the fact that many people mistake black magic and satanic practices with occult and esoteric traditions, philosophies and wisdoms. However, if you read my previous blog post you already know the difference between the account the esoteric and the satanic practices. And since you are an educated reader now we can take it one step further and discuss morality which is…

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    Hermetic Principles

    The 7 Hermetic Principles

    1. The principle of mentalism – or the principle of thought. “The universe is a mindset – the universe is mental.” 2. The principle of correspondence – or the principle of conformity or symmetry. “As above, so below. As below, so above. ” 3. The principle of vibration– or the principle of frequencies. “Nothing is at peace, everything is moving. Everything vibrates.” 4. The principle of polarity- or the principle of contradictions. “Everything is dual. Everything has poles .Everything has a pair of opposites. Sympathy and antipathy are the same (same emotions, but different degrees. The nature of the opposites is identical, but there are degrees of differences. Extremes meet.…

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    Scientific Occultism

    What Is Occultism?

    When it comes to occultism, there is a lot of mystery, and mainly misunderstanding. People tend to mix all sorts of terms with the occult starting from Black magic, voodoo, ancient Egyptian traditions, tarot cards, fortune telling, fairies, vampires, satanic rituals, animal sacrifice and the list goes on. As an avid practitioner of the Master Key System and the modern (scientific) occultism, it honestly frustrates me to see people in complete ignorance of the natural laws, which are governing our universe, and therefore, spending their entire life in a dark dungeon of emotional slavery, living from paycheck to paycheck, and seeking entertainment in the shallow outside world. I believe you…

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    Personal Growth

    The Death of Galileo

    The famous Italian astronomer and physicist Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) was trialed and convicted in 1633 for publishing his evidence that supported the Copernican theory that the Earth revolves around the Sun. His research was instantly criticized by the Catholic Church for going against the established scripture that places Earth and not the Sun at the center of the universe. Galileo was found “vehemently suspect of heresy” for his heliocentric views and was required to “abjure, curse and detest” his opinions. He was sentenced to house arrest, where he remained for the rest of his life and his offending texts were banned. What can we learn from this piece of history?…