About Me

Welcome to NowG.net! If you’re wondering who runs the show, my name is Caesar.

I’m the main author here and this platform is my brainchild.

With over 10 years in online marketing specifically for gaming, I can tell you one thing: I know my stuff. From console games to mobile apps and whatever else falls within that realm, I’ve been there and done it all. So many times that it’s become second nature to me now.

I’ve worked with some pretty big names through these years, too – that’s not bragging rights either. Well… maybe a little bit of bragging rights. But it’s actually just so I can let you know that there’s not much I haven’t seen or dealt with in this business.

My thirst for gaming led me down quite an interesting road, one that paid off nicely if you ask me. Along the way, I learned a lot about different industries and how businesses operate in them.

The word “adapting” doesn’t even do justice to what happened next. After learning everything there was to know about gaming and marketing for them online, things started changing faster than ever before in history.

But hey – that’s fine by me.

In fact, it’s more than fine by me because it taught me how to keep up with such transformations as they came at blazing speeds toward us all.

Here at NowG.net is where we start using our brains together. It’s where we build connections with people who think like us and those who don’t think like us but still somehow manage to be on the same wavelength as well.

So no matter what level of skills or experience you’re bringing along with you today – welcome aboard pal.

Thanks for being here,