Are you searching for a reliable and versatile online betting software provider? Look no further than BetConstruct. With their sportsbook platform, casino solutions, and live betting software, they offer a comprehensive suite of services for all your iGaming needs. But did you know that BetConstruct has much more to offer than just software? Let’s delve into some surprising statistics that highlight the scale and impact of this industry-leading provider.

  1. Over 1,000 employees dedicated to delivering top-notch gaming solutions.
  2. Headquartered in London, BetConstruct has a global reach, serving operators worldwide.
  3. Since its launch in 2003, BetConstruct has garnered numerous industry honors for its innovative products and services.
  4. BetConstruct’s sportsbook platform empowers operators to offer a wide range of betting options, including in-play betting and competitive odds.
  5. Their casino solutions provide a vast selection of games, including slots, table games, and live dealer experiences.
  6. With BetConstruct’s live betting software, operators can provide a thrilling and immersive betting experience in real-time.
  7. As a white label solution provider, BetConstruct allows operators to easily customize their platforms and tailor them to their brand.
  8. BetConstruct’s software supports various sports, from popular ones like football and basketball to niche sports like chess and fishing.
  9. They offer integrated payment solutions, allowing seamless and secure transactions for both operators and players.
  10. BetConstruct is committed to responsible gambling and provides tools to promote safe and enjoyable betting experiences.

Now that you know some remarkable facts about BetConstruct, it’s clear why they are the premier choice for online betting software and iGaming solutions. So, whether you’re an operator looking to enhance your platform or a player seeking an exceptional gaming experience, BetConstruct has you covered.

Usability, Look And Feel

When it comes to creating a gaming website, operators using BetConstruct have a powerful tool at their disposal – SpringBuilder. As a website and gaming builder, SpringBuilder offers a user-friendly platform that allows operators to easily develop and manage their gaming website without the need for technical expertise.

With SpringBuilder, operators have access to customizable templates, drag and drop technologies, and simple tools that enable them to create a unique and visually appealing website. Whether it’s the layout, color scheme, or overall design, operators have the flexibility to customize every aspect of their website to match their brand and target audience.

One of the standout features of BetConstruct websites is their intuitive user interfaces. With a focus on user experience, BetConstruct ensures that visitors can navigate the website effortlessly, find the information they need, and engage with the gaming platform seamlessly. This attention to usability enhances the overall gaming experience for both operators and players.

In addition to user-friendly interfaces, BetConstruct websites also boast cutting-edge designs and powerful graphics. Visual appeal plays a crucial role in attracting players and keeping them engaged. With stunning graphics and eye-catching animations, BetConstruct websites create an immersive gaming experience that captivates players and adds to their enjoyment.

Furthermore, BetConstruct understands the importance of mobile experience in today’s gaming landscape. Their websites are designed to be fully responsive, ensuring that players can access and enjoy the gaming platform on any device, be it a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. This mobile-friendly approach allows operators to tap into the growing market of mobile gaming and reach a wider audience.

gaming builder

All in all, BetConstruct’s SpringBuilder empowers operators to create visually stunning and highly functional gaming websites. With customizable templates, intuitive user interfaces, cutting-edge designs, and a focus on mobile experience, BetConstruct is dedicated to providing operators and players with the best possible online gaming experience.

Customer Service

At BetConstruct, we take pride in our award-winning customer service. Our highly skilled team is dedicated to providing exceptional support to our valued customers. Whether you have technical issues or inquiries, we are available 24/7 to assist you.

24/7 Support

We understand that issues can arise at any time, which is why our support team is available round the clock. You can rely on us to promptly address your concerns and provide timely solutions. We are committed to ensuring your gaming experience is smooth and uninterrupted.

Multilingual Support

We strive to deliver personalized service to all our customers, regardless of their language preference. That’s why our support is offered in over 14 languages. You can communicate with us in your native language, making it easier for us to understand your needs and provide tailored assistance.

Help Portal

Want to learn more about our software and how to optimize your gaming experience? Our Help Portal is your go-to resource. Access a wealth of materials and articles that will guide you in using and understanding our innovative solutions. Empower yourself with knowledge and make the most of our cutting-edge technology.

award-winning customer service

Benefits of Our Customer Service 24/7 Availability Multilingual Support Help Portal
Swift resolution of technical issues
Assistance with customer inquiries
Personalized support in your preferred language
Access to educational materials and articles

License and Security

When it comes to choosing an iGaming solution provider, reliability and security are of paramount importance. That’s why BetConstruct stands out as a trusted and reliable software provider in the industry. They are licensed and regulated by various regulatory authorities, ensuring that their operations meet the highest standards of compliance and fairness.

For operators utilizing BetConstruct’s White Label Solution, they can rest assured that their sites will be granted licenses by the relevant commissions. This not only provides legal protection but also instills confidence in both operators and players.

Furthermore, BetConstruct prioritizes the security of their websites by offering comprehensive risk and fraud management services. They understand the importance of creating a safe and secure environment for operators and players alike. To further demonstrate their commitment to security, BetConstruct holds the ISO/IEC certificate, which is a globally recognized standard for information security management.

By choosing BetConstruct as your iGaming solution provider, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are partnering with a reliable company that prioritizes licensing and security, and provides top-notch risk and fraud management services.


What products and services does BetConstruct offer?

BetConstruct offers a range of online and land-based gambling solutions, including sportsbook platforms, casino solutions, live betting software, and more.

What is SpringBuilder?

SpringBuilder is a website and gaming builder provided by BetConstruct, which allows operators to easily develop and manage their gaming websites without any technical knowledge.

What features does SpringBuilder offer?

SpringBuilder offers customizable templates, drag and drop technologies, and simple tools to create a unique appearance and feel for gaming websites.

What are the benefits of using BetConstruct websites?

BetConstruct websites have intuitive user interfaces, cutting-edge designs, and powerful graphics, providing fantastic online and mobile experiences for both operators and players.

Does BetConstruct provide customer support?

Yes, BetConstruct offers award-winning customer service with highly skilled employees who are available 24/7 to assist with technical issues or consumer inquiries.

In how many languages does BetConstruct provide support?

Support is provided in over 14 languages, ensuring a personalized experience for customers.

Is there a Help Portal for BetConstruct users?

Yes, BetConstruct offers a Help Portal where users can access materials and articles to learn how to use and understand their software.

Is BetConstruct a reliable software provider?

Yes, BetConstruct is a reliable software provider licensed and regulated by various regulatory authorities, offering peace of mind to operators and players.

What security measures does BetConstruct have in place?

BetConstruct provides risk and fraud management services to ensure the security of their websites. They also hold the ISO/IEC certificate.