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The Difficulties in The Way & The Spiritual Crisis

The rapid development and distribution of all kinds of esoteric spiritual practices leads to the fact that more and more people goes through a spiritual crisis or spiritual transformation of the individual. Now, many are drawn to knowledge, looking to discover new ways of spiritual development. Who am I? Why am I? How come? Where am I going? And when a person ceases to meet the answers from the government, education, society, religion, he hits the road. What the traveler may encounter? What pitfalls await him on his way?

The concept of spiritual crisis brought the founder of Trans-personal Psychology, American psychiatrist of Czech origin with more than thirty years of experience in research work in the field of non-ordinary states of consciousness, Stanislav Grof. Prior to this, psychiatry, putting your stencils on the spiritual experiences of the person, to treat mystical status and activities of the world’s religions and spiritual movements in the area of ​​psychopathology.

By the spiritual crisis may cause any acute or experiencing stress. The experience can be any spectrum from clinical death to tooth extraction, the loss of a loved one to a bright sexual experience.
But most often provoke a spiritual identity crisis various spiritual practices, esoteric hobby, deep religiosity. These practices are just meant to be a catalyst for mystical experiences and spiritual rebirth.

Traditional spiritual practices are focused on liberation from dependence on the material world. The main element of this relationship is the human ego. It is the destruction of the ego-directed efforts reaching programs on the Path of spiritual development.

The main experience of spiritual crisis – the person does not see the meaning of life, the future looks bleak future without feeling that he is missing something very important and valuable. The process is accompanied by strong emotional experiences, a person experiences an almost complete failure of the personal, social and public life and in the sphere of health. Having survived the fateful moment, he is freed from the influence of the ego, it acquires a higher level of conscious thought.

Traditional psychotherapy in this case, can only play a supporting role. Man passing stage of spiritual crisis are not to be treated! But it can help as painless as possible to go through a transformation. But, by and large, with his spiritual crisis people can only handle himself, by himself.

Manifestations of spiritual crisis are very individual, two similar crises do not exist, but you can watch the main forms of crisis. In humans, these forms are often stacked on one another.

Being in the spiritual crisis, people suddenly feel discomfort in the first well acquainted with the world. I must say, some of this discomfort are born. Frightened, they are trying to cope with their inner feelings, trying to live “like everyone else”, but it turns out badly, and if it turns out, it does not bring satisfaction. They feel the need to share their thoughts and experiences with others, what they are not ready, and the man falls into the category of “not of this world.”

During the passage of the spiritual transformation takes place a powerful activation of the psyche, on the surface there are large formations of the unconscious, and it prevents a person to function normally in everyday life. The crisis could be delayed sometimes for many years. Like any crisis, the spiritual also has its dangers and opportunities. A person can break, and can rise to a qualitatively new level (the so-called enlightenment). Stanislav Grof has identified the following most common types of threatening and difficult experiences that come to the surface in the process of transformation of the individual.


The body seemed to fall apart, new physical stress and disturbing pain. However, the fear, for the most part, it seems completely illogical, as though he has almost nothing to do with a person experiences it. Sometimes the individual involved in the crisis, is capable of coping with fears is relatively easy, but in other cases, a sense of fear develops into a completely uncontrollable panic. It may be a fear of the unknown. From out of the subconscious images of the traumatic experience, the gates open to the beyond, some are pursuing a vision, prophetic dreams, etc.

Fear of loss of control. Everything is falling apart, and people do not do anything about it. He was painfully aware that he has no power over life and death, and that they manage the power, do not depend on his wishes.

Fear of death and other unaccountable fears. Cases unexplained bodily sensations: unknown pain, difficult to diagnose the disease outbreak or the sharp declines of energy, trembling, weakness, dizziness, feeling the presence of some unknown force that permeates all physical being.


It can be experienced with different force – from a vague sense of separation from other people and the world to a deep and immersive existential estrangement. Individuals often have to deal with unusual states of consciousness that are very different from everyday experiences of friends and acquaintances.

When the inner world becomes more active, the man feels the need to move away from everyday life. Surrounding people usually do not understand it. Yes, and communication, which had previously enjoyed, and now is not attracted, and often brings discomfort, until the bodily manifestations (weakness, headache, nausea, etc.). Often people who are in the spiritual quest, seeking society “their”, where everyone speaks the same language, understand and accept each other. Understand that I am not the only one, can bring relief.

During an existential crisis, a person feels detached from its deepest essence, a higher power or God. This results in the worst kind of loneliness – a complete and perfect existential alienation permeates the whole being of man. He can not find any connection with the Divine; instead, it pursues the constant, nagging feeling that God had left him. Even when one is surrounded by love and support, it can be filled with a deep and burning loneliness.

Those who are faced with an existential crisis, not only feel their isolation, but its perfect insignificance, like a useless dust particles in the vast space. The universe itself seems absurd and meaningless, as any human activity seems insignificant and empty. Such people may feel that all humanity is barren existence, without having any useful purpose. They can sink into a deep depression and despair, and even attempt to commit suicide. Often they realize that even suicide will not solve their problem; it seems that from this flour is no way out.

The insulating behavior.

During the crisis of spiritual person can for some time to appear “different”. Our culture is not made different from the others surrounding it may be perceived inappropriate. The sense of separation is enhanced whenever a person is told or else make it clear: “You do not like us.”

A person interested in changing and values. Discuss the purchase of new belongings, he is no longer able, and former friends move away. The prospect of spending an evening in a club with a glass of whiskey does not cause optimism and can cause disgust.

In addition, people who are going through the process of transformation of the individual, can dramatically change your appearance. Someone of these new forms of behavior are only a temporary stage of spiritual development, while in others they can become a permanent part of a new lifestyle.

The experience of “madness”.

During the spiritual crisis of the logical mind role it is often weakened, and comes to the fore colorful, rich world of intuition, inspiration and imagination. Surprisingly, there are strange and disturbing emotions, and once familiar rationality does not help explain what is happening. This moment of spiritual development is sometimes very frightening.

Being wholly at the mercy of the active inner world, full of bright dramatic events and thrilling emotions, people can not act objectively and rationally. They are visible in the final destruction of any remnants of sanity and fear that are close to full, permanent insanity.

Symbolic death.

Ananda K.Kumarasvami wrote:

“No creature can not reach a higher level of existence without interrupting their normal existence.”

In humans, death theme is for the most part, a negative association. They see death as frightening and unknown when it comes as a part of their inner experience, they experience fear. Many people experiencing a spiritual crisis, this process is fast and unexpected. Suddenly, they feel that their comfort and safety as disappearing and they are moving in an unknown direction. Habitual ways of being no longer suitable, but they have yet to be replaced.

Another form of symbolic death is a state of detachment from the different roles, relationships, and the world itself. It is well known in many spiritual systems as a major goal of internal development. An important aspect of symbolic death experience with an internal transformation is the death of the ego. To complete the spiritual transformation necessary to the old way of being “dead”, the ego must be destroyed, opening the way for a new “I”. When the ego dissolves, people feel as if the break up of their identity. They are no longer sure of his place in this world, we are not sure whether they can continue full-fledged human beings.

Outwardly, their old interests no longer have value, value systems and friends are changing, and they are losing confidence that the correct behavior in everyday life. Internally, they may experience a gradual loss of identity and to feel that their physical, emotional and spiritual being suddenly and violently destroyed. They may think that in fact die, suddenly faced with the need to face your deepest fears.

It is a tragic misunderstanding on this point can be a mixture of desire with ego death instinct really commit suicide. A person can easily be confused desire for what can be called “egotsidom” – “murder” ego – with an inclination to suicide, suicide. At this stage, people are often motivated by a strong inner conviction that something in them must die. If the internal pressure is large enough, and if there is no understanding of the dynamics of ego death, they may misinterpret these feelings and bring them in the external self-destructive behavior.

From myself I would add the following.

Increased responsibility and a lot of knowledge – a lot of grief.

Sooner or later, a man on the path, pay attention to the higher forces of different directions, both dark and bright. Some seek first the rushing here and there, going through a lot of trials and temptations. However, sooner or later, a person must make your choice.

It’s common to identify two main ways – the occult and mystical.

Way occultists. He studies the Divine Law and use it for their own purposes. It relies on the mind and the will, and not for love. It is to learn to control the mind, what would he become a useful employee in the performance of its purpose.

Mystic Way. This is the path of love and sacrifice. In his choice, he always follows his heart. Love gives him the opportunity to identify with God.

People who have taken the path, dramatically increases the ability to influence the world around us, people and circumstances. If such a person to leave the “unattended”, it can mangled a lot of firewood. And once a person clearly understands that he is “under the hood”. When an individual is determined by its direction in a way that it begin to appropriate force.

Previously, he, like all men, it seemed that he could do whatever comes to mind, it is limited only by conscience and state laws. And then he begins to realize that his every action, thought, emotion, causes the so-called effect of circles on the water. The man has clearly see the connection between their actions and their consequences. And all this is monitored by higher powers, which, explicitly or not explicitly begin to adjust its behavior. There have strange events, come visions, vague desires, sometimes direct orders. It can be all kinds of “accidents” that prevent the execution of his plan. This may be bodily sensations: the legs do not go, his throat, his head was ill, squeezed his chest, stabbed in the side (each his own). All sorts of emotional reactions, such as dramatically bad mood at the thought of the proposed action.

The so-called working out happen more often. Testing in fact – is re-balancing. Boomerang effect. It shall come into force the laws of karmic retribution. And as the people on the spiritual Path begins to live his karma intense, then it comes to working out several times faster than a normal person. The simplest example: passerby said stuff, walked a few meters away, fell.

In addition, such a person are increased requirements. He can not afford to lightheartedness, as before. From him already require awareness and strict compliance with the law (we are not talking about state laws). Probably, therefore among esoteric and occultists such a high mortality rate and the probability of madness.

In conclusion, I would like to say the following. For a man to take the first steps on this path, the way back will be gone. It will forever change his outlook, thinking and reactions to the world around us. This path is very difficult, full of danger, ups and downs. But back to the traveler – is the degradation of a complete failure.

R.I. Popov brought just such a formula for failure of “esoteric losers”:

I want to clear up – meditate – blissfully happy – forces withdrew – a career gone – the society does not understand me – I’m the one so smart – I was very advanced – my opinion means a lot – I feel your chakras – I hear the thoughts of others – I absorb all the bad things of the world – I get fat and sick – I probably incorrectly developed – attempts to restore physical and emotional shape – a lifelong fear of esoteric life – care in the traditional , the common…
Good luck on the way!

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