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    Scientific Occultism

    Origin of The Hermetic Philosophy

    The HERMETIC PHILOSOPHY – is considered to be a pearl of ancient and eternal wisdom. Hermes is identical to the god of wisdom Tehuti (Greek: Thoth). In the drawings of the Osiris Temple in Abydos, Tehuti reaches the ankh cross – the symbol of life – to Pharaoh Sethos I, in the form of Osiris. Originating from Egypt It is widely acknowledged that the philosophy of hermeticism originates from ancient Egypt. This opinion is also highly seasoned with platonic ideas (which are also considered to be derived from Egyptian cosmology). The aim of Plato’s teachings was that personal mastery of life must come first and foremost, and could be achieved…

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    Hermetic Principles

    The 7 Hermetic Principles

    1. The principle of mentalism – or the principle of thought. “The universe is a mindset – the universe is mental.” 2. The principle of correspondence – or the principle of conformity or symmetry. “As above, so below. As below, so above. ” 3. The principle of vibration– or the principle of frequencies. “Nothing is at peace, everything is moving. Everything vibrates.” 4. The principle of polarity- or the principle of contradictions. “Everything is dual. Everything has poles .Everything has a pair of opposites. Sympathy and antipathy are the same (same emotions, but different degrees. The nature of the opposites is identical, but there are degrees of differences. Extremes meet.…