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I-Ching or Tarot: You Can Also Predict the Future Without Tarot Cards?

I-Ching or Tarot? Can you also predict the future without Tarot cards? Tarot is often used as an oracle for predicting the future or understanding complex situations. But the I-Ching as a method for making predictions is less known. Jung got away with it completely and that was not for nothing: The working of the […]


What to Look For When You Consult a Clairvoyant?

What to look for when you consult a clairvoyant? Nowadays it is almost impossible to look beyond the paranormal. Hundreds of clairvoyants, mediums, psychics, tarot readers, numerologists, astrologers and so on offer their services online to help their fellow human beings in hard times, or to scandalize themselves for the misery of another. The big […]

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Mental Abilities – Fact or Fiction?

Let clear something out right from the start: In this article, it is not questioned whether the ability to “see” using spiritual senses is a fact or not. The starting point is that psychic abilities are a fact. Instead, it focuses on whether you can rely on the nature and quality of the clairvoyance that […]