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Meditation is Backed Up By Science

Science has once again demonstrated how beneficial meditation! The study, conducted with the support of the University of Wisconsin in Madison, confirmed the beneficial side of meditation, about whom you know and who feel themselves on a daily basis – such as increased resistance to stress, improved cardiovascular system and strengthen immunity. It was also found that it prevents certain areas of the brain aging and improves attention.
the science You may ask, what specific benefit of these conclusions can bring you?

The subject of the study and was a daily meditation mindfulness. Participants meditated daily for 3 years, at least 30 minutes a day. Their results were compared with a group of participants who have not committed acts of meditation in a relaxed state. The results were striking: a few hours meditation lead to changes in genes and proteins of the blood, which was not observed in the control group.

Dr. Kaliman, vegetarian and yogi, says that meditation is increasingly incorporated into clinical practice. And that numerous scientific studies confirm that this technique in combination with drug therapy cures chronic inflammatory processes. And also that every man can feel the benefit of it without realizing it. Simply focusing on the breath, even an untrained person can immerse yourself in a relaxed state. First of all, it appears to reduce the frequency of breathing.

Meditation stimulates the “amygdala” – a brain area that is responsible for the stress response. This effect was found in people who were engaged in daily meditation for only two months. But also do not forget that the meditation is recommended to use in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. Still it is necessary to avoid certain foods that impair metabolism and adversely affect brain function. For example, trans-fats and red meat. Also fat from the foods that are fried in oil of poor quality or baked at high temperatures. As for red meat — completely abandoning it, is not necessary, but it should be consumed as little as possible.

Finally, it is important to pay attention to physical exercise. It was found that the subjects who regularly engaged in jogging, the brain work better. Each person should choose their own type of physical activity that suits his age, but aerobic exercise is recommended for all, because they bring long-term benefits.

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