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Intention – The Only Real Magic

Intention – this boom, just beating the target and allows to achieve the desired. Intention – the main tool of magicians. Now there is a lot of training for those who want to become successful, which teaches the correct form intent. More and more books on psychology are paying attention to this issue. “Being determines consciousness”? Oh, that’s old information. Everything happens exactly the opposite. We ourselves define its existence.

Learn how to create and run the intention, and you all will work out.

Intention – this is the real power that is behind the desire. This desire, in which there is no attachment to the result, and because it is able to achieve goals better than fantasy and dreams. It is important to be able to distinguish desire from intention. No past, present and future in the subtle world. Time – is the movement of thought and matter. Past and future exist only in our imagination. Past memories created, the future – anticipation. And only the present is real.

Desire – is attachment to the future, so it is illusory. The intention is also to your attention in the present. The future is in the present.

Well formed the intention – is the concentration on the target with a clear assurance that no obstacles will not allow you to loosen its attention on the intended result. There is only a target, you and the goal. In your mind there is no obstruction, and even if they appear, then immediately turn into favorable factors.

To work with the intention of not difficult, but it is important to follow some important rules and recommendations. About them we will talk with you now. And the examples below will help you better understand all.
Basic rules for the intentions

• The intention must be clearly formulated…

First of all, you must understand their desires and goals. Clearly aware of what you really want. Most people know exactly what they want. What you need to be happy? Sometimes, to understand this, one has to resort to a comprehensive analysis of the current situation in life. It is helpful to write down on a sheet in two columns the real situation and want. This will help you understand their desires.
Wrong: I want everything to be good. What is for you “good”? What you need to state this occurred? What prevents you experience this condition right now?
I want a lot of money. “A lot” – this is how much? You want the whole amount at once or choose to receive it in installments on a monthly basis? You will agree that if for the fulfillment of your desire to die favorite aunt to leave your legacy? Be careful what you wish for.
I want a large and bright feeling. What is there for you “large and bright feeling”? The feeling is different from the small and not light? What do you think that feeling will be reflected in the internal state? How do you know that it has come? You do not care to whom and under what circumstances you will experience this same feeling? Tomorrow you can fall in love with any Boyband member on TV, and your feeling will be big and bright. Or maybe you happen to experience it in relation to a married man is hopeless. You want this option? I want to experience a lot of emotions and all-consuming passion or want to fall in love, get married and give birth to a bunch of kids? Agree, it’s two different versions of a large and bright. A case from one’s life. It was formulated intention about this content: “I want to rest, so that will not run, do not do anything, just lie down and spit at the ceiling.” Voila! Wishing broke his leg, and more than a month lain in bed. Oh, you do not want this? But after all the items have been observed in severity, will receive and sign.

• The intention must be formulated positively.

Your business is to decide what you want. No need to spend time and effort to identify what you do not want, because it is unreasonable. In addition, in the small world there is a particle “no”, and our subconscious mind does not accept it. It should always be remembered.


In the subway once I saw the slogan “How NOT to start living worse.” Despite the fact that the particle “no” has been selected, in order to her or, God forbid, not overlooked, the slogan was not perceived positively. All the time wanted to read the “How to start to live worse.” Is your goal to reach such advertising? And if your intention to reach the goal, if you use the negation?
Wrong: I will not get sick. I will not be alone. I will never stay without work.
Correct: I am healthy. With me next closest person. I have an interesting and stable job.

• The intention must be formulated in the present tense.

We have already mentioned that in the small world no. Therefore, we will concentrate on the present moment. Here and now, all future imaginary obstacles do not have to have any significance. But the obstacles are mostly imaginary, invented rather than real.
Wrong: Someday I’ll be a high professional.
Correct: I am a qualified and marketable in your career specialist. I have enough money to travel.

• Intention should go in the first person.

You do not have enough strength and power to change the world and people around him. Alien life and other people’s behavior, even if you do not like – is not your jurisdiction. But you have the right to ask the universe fulfillment of their own desires and needs.
Wrong: My husband does not drink. Bob calls me.
That’s right: I see her husband sober every day. I pick up the phone and heard the voice of Vasi.

• Determine the time and place of his intentions.

But remember, the universe takes time to provide you with the opportunity to perform desired. First, in the period up to 72 hours from the start the intention you can receive certain signs. You will encounter similar problems, or you will notice the press articles on the same topic, or you will meet a man who will tell you something sensible. This will mean that your intention is accepted. Next, in the period from 60 to 90 days, and perhaps later, depending on the type of intentions, you’ll get a favorable chance to fulfill desires. You may be offered a new job, you meet at a party interesting partner or you have the brilliant idea.

It is important here to understand and grasp this chance.

However, after the first signs you can watch out for the intention if you turn doubt and fear. On your way may be big or small the problem, and you will perceive them as impassable obstacles, thus personally strangled the germ of his intentions. Failure exists. All failures – a milestone on the way to your goal.
Wrong: I want to get married. If you did not specify the time (that is, the age of marriage), be prepared for the fact that the intention can be fulfilled by the age of 45. You want it?
I want to buy a house. Suitable to your house in a remote village with no electricity and no decent roads? In this case, it is desirable to understand in which area you would like to have a home.

• The intention is to be really feasible.

You must understand that the desire to charm Orlando Bloom, if you do not go into a stellar crowd in Hollywood, or get $ 10 million, if you work as a mechanic in a local farm, is not feasible. You are wasting time and effort.

There is a very subtle point: it is important to be able to feel this face when the real desire to become unreal. It is important not to overstate their claims, but do not underestimate them! If you decide to put a very high goal – it is commendable. You can break up your big goal into several small or medium-sized. Reaching small goals, you immediately put yourself next. So how do the steps, you can get to the top.

• Your intention should be solid.

That is, you do not even admit the idea that something will not work. Throw away all doubts and obstacles do not invent themselves in the future. When you begin to worry that something might interfere with your intent, you are attracting such events in their lives. Why do you need this?

The intention, in contrast to the desire not to create a sense of absence of the object of desire.

You know that everything will be just so and not otherwise. You do not have to hope for a positive result should not reassure myself that everything will be fine. You must know. For example, going to a restaurant, you know that you are there. It is this knowledge – the most powerful force of the intent.

• Visualize a positive outcome.

For there is no difference between brain imaging and the fact that we see with our eyes actually. Are utilized the same nerve cells. And when they are activated they activate a connection between the brain. Learning to ride a bike, you are even a few years can sit on it and go, because your brain uses the already established connection. If you get used to feel successful person, you will be easy for them to become reality. 299500-bigthumbnail

Imagine how you can more clearly and in detail, as if you already have what you want to receive. How will it look like? How to change your life? What you will hear, see, you feel? It is important not just to imagine a lot of money, and see themselves having money. What do you feel when you will have a certain amount? How are you going to behave? What do you think?

Even better is to behave as if your desire is already fulfilled. Do you want to become a strong and purposeful person? So, imagine that you are and have a strong and purposeful person, and behave accordingly! Do you want to buy a cool car? So feel like a man who is parked under the window brand new Lexus, and behave accordingly.

• Let go of the reins and deprive his mind control over circumstances.

Do not worry about the achievement, provide details of the universe to control. Trusting her, you will be constantly faced with miracles. It is important! You do not need to puzzle over how it will come to you desired. Do not worry about the little things. If you did everything correctly, the desired self comes into your hands by coincidence.

If you are self-developed for themselves the detailed execution of the desired plan, you are depriving yourself of flexibility. After all, in reality, things can go in a completely different scenario than you imagine. Creating a large number of conditions, you risk a long wait for the moment when the circumstances will develop in this way to realize your hard conditions.

• Determine if there is something in your life that is at odds with your intention that prevent him realized.

Remember that deliberately formulate his desire – that’s not all. If your subconscious mind will not work. If between emotion and logic of a conflict, emotion always wins. Your emotions control your life and they attract to you the events that you are experiencing.

For example: a person is looking for a high-paying job, but at the same time he realizes that this work does not allow him enough time to spend with his family, and the thought of his oppressed. What is there true desire?

The woman thinks that she wanted to marry, for it’s time, Mom nags, bridesmaids look askance – who knows what. And in fact, she is afraid of this, because he understands perfectly well that he could not adjust to the other person and give him a piece of themselves. There is a powerful unit that will not allow such an intention to exercise. The saddest thing that these women do not always realize that they do not want their wish. Understand yourself. If you are unable to self-refer to a psychologist or a tarot reader. Sometimes you can find quite unexpected things.

• One of the main difficulties, the ability to their intention to “let go.”

You must opt-in to their attachment to what you want to achieve. This does not mean that you give up your intentions to realize his desire. You do not waive any of the intention nor the desire. You give up your attachment to the result. At the heart of attachment is fear and uncertainty. A detachment gives us confidence in our own strength. When the decision is made, and it is necessary to formulate the intention to proceed to the execution, drop any responsibility for the outcome of the case.

Remember, for sure you had it when you overtook a dream just when you had given up on everything by hand.

• Keep silent about his intentions.

The more you spend energy on empty words, the weaker becomes your concentration, and the further results. In addition, great importance is human envy. And the most impressionable highly susceptible to other people’s moods. “Yes, you do not get,” – says a close friend, and you believe him.

• Finally, do not sit passively waiting. Take action!

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