How to Get Rid of Phobias Fast?

First of all, understand and explain yourself two points:

1. Most people acquire a phobia as a result of a single situation that was very dangerous or seem such. The fact that for the manifestation of fear (fear) needed only one case only one test proves that your brain really is able to quickly learn and it facilitates the development of new reactions you.
2.That part of you that all these years have defended you, keeping this phobia – it is an important and valuable part, and you want to preserve its ability to protect you in dangerous situations – but the ground and strengthening this through its ability to update information.

Access of phobias (partially), remembering, for example, when was the last time you were scared or what happens when you have a phobia.

Dissociates yourself from the phobia, as it is was outside your body, which “echoes” in three places.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting in the middle of the cinema (the first dissociation) and see the black-and-white slide with his image on the screen (second dissociation).
And now mentally climb into the booth cameraman, from where you can see yourself sitting in a chair in the hall and watch the black-and-white image on the screen (the third dissociation). And spread himself well to these three places.

Organize yourself for viewing black-and-white “film.”
Who you are as it were in the booth cameraman and watch and listen to black-and-white film about himself, describing the very first or very bad time when you experienced this phobia. Look and listen for this entire movie, from the moment that preceded this unpleasant event, and to the very end, when all was well again. Watch and listen as an observer from the sidelines as the younger you go through the psychological trauma – as if it happened to someone else. When you get to the point where everything will be good again, stop the movie, but keep your eyes open.

Create watching a movie in reverse.
Now sign in the last frame of the movie, you just stop and look at it very quickly in the opposite direction in color: for 2 seconds before the start of unpleasant events. Make described in Sec. 4 and 5 several times.

Checking and adjustment of the future.
Try again cause a state of phobia, is set, for example, the question of what would happen if you were in that situation now? If the problem still persisted reaction, repeat the process, making it faster each time, until there is nothing left of the phobic reaction.

Think about that while you had and phobia, and psychological trauma, you are far removed from those specific situations where it was. So you just did not have the possibility to extract lessons from these situations. So when you meet similar situations in the future, show a certain degree of caution, as you do not study them enough for safety.

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