Housework as a Spiritual Experience – Really?

Have you ever heard the expression “A messy room is a messy mind”? If so, you may have taken it for granted in the past but it is very, very true. The state of your belongings is a direct reflection of what is going on in your universe. When you become confused and unbalanced, it will be reflected in the physical universe surrounding you. Your house just won’t be as clean and tidy as it usually would be when you’re in a better state.

There are a lot of things that we can do to forward our spiritual journey and one of them is housework. It sounds so simple that most people would just cast this suggestion aside without a second thought. It’s something that you can try for yourself, however, and you just may be presently surprised at the results!

An Excellent Question

Here’s an excellent question for you to consider. If your spiritual imbalance is making your home less tidy and clean, would cleaning your home help this spiritual imbalance? The answer to this is a clear and resounding yes. Here’s why.

The physical and the spiritual universe are connected. There is no doubt about that. When you’re having a problem spiritually it will be reflected in your physical surroundings. Once you are feeling better and have more inner peace, your surroundings may still be in the same state. This clutter can throw you off balance again. By cleaning up your home you’ll feel the difference since you’ll be handling at least half of the equation.

My Personal Experience

I have always known that cleaning the house made me feel better physically, mentally and spiritually but I didn’t know why. Then I found out. I had a 12 year old daughter at the time and her room was a mess! You could hardly walk through it and had to follow a small path to get to her bed. No matter how often I told her to clean it up (and despite my sophisticated vacuum and expensive cleaning supplies), the mess would reappear out of nowhere time and time again.

On one occasion my husband knocked on our daughter’s bedroom door to ask her question. When she opened the door my husband could see the chaos inside her room and faster a simple question that really resonated with her.

“Did you know”, he said, “that the state of your room shows me the state of your mind?” He didn’t say anything else about the room and proceeded to talk to her about other things. We don’t know why or how it happened but the following week her room was clean and we never saw the mess in it again.

Those words were powerful and if you have teenagers with self-destructing rooms you may want to try this line yourself. It sounds too good to be true but something in those words really reached my daughter at a spiritual level.

Housework for the Soul

When your house is cluttered you can rest assured that there is dirt and dust piling up underneath. You can unconsciously feel this dirt and don’t understand fully how it is really affecting you until you’ve cleaned it up. When you attack a closet and pull everything out of it, give it a good cleaning, throw out some unnecessary items and then reload it again you’ll actually feel the effects spiritually. You’ll feel lighter physically and sometimes it can almost feel as though you have lifted a heavy burden. Yes, housework is definitely a spiritual release that anyone can use in times of need.

I Hate Housework

I really do. I find so many ways to avoid it! The whole thing just seems trivial to me but I do it because I know what the after-effects will be. I will feel better in so many ways once it’s done. When I really need to get something accomplished and at the same time am finding countless ways to avoid the tasks, I’ll put on music and bounce around the house getting things done. The music is spiritually uplifting and helps to give me the motivation to work towards a cleaner and tidier home. It also keeps me moving at a fast pace when I put on music with a quick beat.  I can actually get quite a bit accomplished when the music is fast and furious!

The next time you pick up a mop and a broom notice how you’re feeling at the time and then compare it to the feeling you have once you’ve completed the task. Get in touch with your spiritual well-being and see for yourself what a bit of physical labor can do for you. As well, when you’re feeling out of balance and can’t put your finger on a specific reason why, try cleaning up your home. It may be just the lift you need to bring the balance back. Sometimes true soul cleaning really does start at home.

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