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First Post on My Personal Blog

Many years ago when I started my online career (so to speak), I didn’t know where to start, so since I was a psychologist, I started a blog about relationships, which I thought was close to my specialty (which is, I want to emphasize again, — psychology). The blog grew rather big, it was called “The Dark Side of Love”, but at some point as I was getting more and more into the web design, the blog was neglected and eventually due to a stupid software error — deleted completely.

It’s been a few years, and I asked myself, what is it that I really want to do, and I figured that it would only be wise to do something I KNOW HOW to do… help other people. This new blog would be dedicated to the wide topic of self help and will be broken down to 4 main categories:

1. Motivation
2. Relationships
3. Sexuality
4. Wealth

Why sexuality is not packed up with “relationships”? Because in my opinion, while you can’t have one without the other, these are still very different topics. Sex is really what you want it to be, and a bed is a place where you can be absolutely anyone, because (unless your partner get pissed off with you) — no one will ever know.

So this is what the blog will be about, I sincerely hope it will be useful for you, guys and girl, and help you to pull up your self esteem, improve self image and fix your finances using out advices.

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