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Do You Believe in Reincarnation?

Belief in reincarnation has been around for a very long time, probably as much as the human race exists. The doctrine of reincarnation is a central position in most Indian religions. In recent decades the idea of ​​reincarnation cease to be a part of whatever religion, and become part of people’s worldview.

About twenty years ago, there was an amazing psycho-therapeutic method – regressive hypnosis allows a person to get in their previous incarnations and thus solve their most long-standing problems. Proof of the reality of such travel are extensive evidence and the results of investigations of serious scientists. For example, Michael Newton, Dollores Claiborne, A. Moody. Over the years, these studies have accumulated a lot of information to complement the well-known theory of reincarnation.

We are all children of the spiritual world, there is our real home. In the spiritual world there is so much negativity, as on Earth. There’s no disease, death, hatred, fear. But in order to develop young soul such hothouse conditions are not sufficient. Without contact with the pain, not to overcome the soul will never be able to really establish contact with those who she really is, and to manifest itself in this its true quality.

And then the soul incarnated in other worlds, on different planets of the galaxy. Earth – the most complex galaxy planet for the existence of the soul. This is the harsh school of the soul, this is not anywhere else. Coarse material world, hunger, disease, death, disaster, environmental effects, hosts of dark entities. The presence of the body, which has its own characteristics – temperament, nervous system, hormones, uncontrollable emotions, innate genetic characteristics and disease. The need to survive, to fight one way or another involved in natural selection. The strong influence of the instincts and the collective unconscious. With all the heart to cope.

The human being with a developed nervous system, the unique structure of the brain, there is no innate morality. Without the soul it is only a mammal belonging to the suborder family Hominidae Anthropomorphidae unit class Mammalia Primates, calls itself Homo Sapiens. Only the presence of the soul makes us human.

The soul is forced to adapt to the gross physical world of Earth. This is a difficult and tragic lesson. And pass this test with flying colors, without making mistakes, just does not work for anybody. To correct the error, and developments of new experience incarnations follow one another. The ultimate goal of an unbroken chain of incarnations – to achieve a high level of development of the soul and the approximation to the highest spiritual source.

High levels of the Soul does not have the ability to embody more in the physical worlds. But such a soul can come to Earth voluntarily to help people, to guide them and teach.

The level of development of the soul can not be determined by social or material level of man by outward appearances, success with the opposite sex, intelligence or special talents. High status in human society, the presence of wealth, success in love, etc. They do not talk about the high development of the soul.

A sign of an advanced soul is the patience and tolerance of the society and the ability to cope with the problems and difficulties of life. Their most remarkable quality – intuitive and insightful understanding of the essence of things. This does not mean that they do not happen in life karmic traps, or they may have and would not be here. They can be found on a variety of ways of life, and most often – in areas related to the provision of care and support for people and the struggle for justice in one form or another. Advanced soul exhibits self-control, kindness and understanding towards other people. With no selfish interest, it can not be with their own physical needs and live in fairly crowded conditions. They are usually not very fond of the city. Material things for them do not mean anything.

A small child can be many times greater than their parents in their spiritual development.

Why we do not remember anything? Amnesia forces us to experiment in the laboratory conditions of the Earth, not having ready answers to the problem, for which we were sent here. Amnesia also frees us from the baggage of past failures so that we can use new approaches with greater certainty.

The soul has no sex, but there is a preference. 75% percent of its incarnations, the soul can be born a man, but in other cases – a woman. Or vice versa. Gender is selected depending on the main tasks of each subsequent incarnation.

How often is the incarnation. It has been observed that in recent years the amount of time between incarnations reduced. Soul is now embodied approximately 2-fold in a century. There are cases where the birth can occur in a few months or even weeks after the death. Or on the contrary, the soul waiting for more than one hundred years, to come back to Earth.

It is believed that the soul can not be incarnated again in the same genus. Simply put, the soul of your grandfather can be reborn in your family in the body of your son. Although some ancient religions claim otherwise.

Souls have their geographical preferences. The soul wants to return to the same area, a city, a country where she once lived. But it is not always the case. Sometimes the soul is able to change even a continent. In the last century, she lived in France, in the – in the African desert. But such a large geographical spread is not the rule.

When the body dies the soul returns home, where she greeted friends, soul mates and teachers. Every soul has to appear before the high council with a report. This is not the Last Judgment or the adoption of a rigorous examination by the Commission. Rather, it is “debriefing”, and the definition, as the perfect, future applications in new incarnations.

When tasks are defined, there is a selection of the appropriate body in the world. Usually soul are themselves involved in the selection of the body, parents and the major events of his future life. In more rare cases, this choice is significantly reduced.

Drafts Hereafter vary in degree of difficulty, which is the mind of the soul sets for itself. If we are in a previous life had an easy life, and made little progress in their personal development, our soul may wish to select a body in the next life, in which she will have to experience the feelings of the heart, and possibly the tragedy. Quite often, some kind soul serene life lived then forced themselves too strongly to strain worry and complex challenges in the next life – to make up for any missed lessons.

If the soul was seen in a particularly malicious acts, after physical death, it goes to a special place, where, after communication with the supreme council is some time in solitude. This soul can not meet their soulmates. For a long time, such a soul can be deprived of the possibility of realization. In these “prisons” are greatly sinned soul cleansing kind. I would not call it purgatory. There’s no fire, frying pans, and devils.

Soul, who committed his suicide is not sent directly to hell, as some religions. Such a soul after a rather unpleasant for her to communicate with the supreme council returned to Earth with the same task, which she was unable to solve, but with more complex living conditions. So in this way to escape from earthly problems will not work.

There are souls who are not ready, for whatever reasons, to leave the Earth, they remain here for some time after death. Such souls are ghosts. Also, the souls of dead relatives and friends are sometimes able to visit us in the world, to comfort, to support, to help cope with their grief. With a dead person can communicate, referring to his liking. Such communication is telepathic way. The answer may come to you in the head itself.


The meaning of reincarnation – to exercise their free will. Thus, karmic destiny does not mean that we simply fall into the cycle of events over which no control. This means that we have karmic lessons and responsibilities.

A man comes into this world with his particular task. Each has its own task. Someone is helping children, such a person will work in an orphanage. Someone’s task is to create beautiful works of art, such a person would become an artist. Someone main task – to learn to love. Someone – to establish relations with material resources, money or land.

If the soul wants to paint, so it’s part of your problem in the world. You risk to roll out of the way, if, for example, listening to their parents go to work as an accountant. All subsequent life you’re unhappy with yourself, you will have to pursue a vague feeling that something was missing paramount. And well, if you can figure out where to go next. In order not to miss out on something important enough to listen carefully to your heart.

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