The law of attraction has received much media attention in recent years. Thanks to the movie The Secret and the subsequent explosion of television, print media and Internet coverage, almost everyone in Western society has heard the phrase “Law of Attraction.” Most people, however, have collected fragments of incomplete information and here and there do not really have a solid understanding of how the law works. This has led to a widespread lack of understanding of how the law of attraction really works, or even…Continue Reading “3 Myths About Law of Attraction”

It may have been hearing more and more lately about the “Law of Attraction.” If you can not have heard of Jerry and Esther Hicks and Abraham, popularized in the Oprah Show.  What struck me was that what was said actually had much in common with some of my recent lectures on quantum physics. These readings suggest that at the quantum level observering the act of an event changes the event. Therefore, they are having a dampening effect on the environment just by watching. For…Continue Reading “Manifesting Abundance with Law of Attraction”

Sometimes, finding a perfect statement, just for you, can be a bit harsh. Here are some statements abundance of money that we used in the past or the law of attraction other professionals have emailed to us.  The Universe is unlimited. There is more than enough wealth for everyone in this world. When you start deliberately applying the Law of Attraction, a great affirmation is needed, and confident in your statement is essential. Want to be able to feel and believe it is absolutely true….Continue Reading “Money Affirmations”

The law of attraction is an ancient law that has recently come to light through Esther Hicks. Esther Hicks channels spirits that collectively use the name – “. Abraham” According to the law of attraction “that is like himself says.” In simpler terms this can be expressed as like attracts like. You could also say that – as you sow, so shall you reap, what goes around comes around, which of course was to return and what you want, you want. Many successful people have…Continue Reading “The Teaching Of Abraham: Secrets Of The Law Of Attraction”

Of all the universal laws, the law of attraction is both the most fascinating and the most misunderstood. Fascinating, because as human beings naturally want a tool to help create the life of our dreams, and the law of attraction can certainly help us do that. Misunderstood because, unlike a tool that can take and use from time to time, but is otherwise inactive, the law of attraction is working in our lives constantly and independently, whether we are aware it, or believe it or…Continue Reading “Law of Vibration is a Key to Understanding Law of Attraction”

Note that I do not use the word “secret” because the work is too overused and what I mean by “key” is just another way of saying a method for making the law of attraction work for you . I’ll try to explain is not a pseudo, new age, quantum physics, or in a complex way the law of attraction. I will try only to explain the best way possible, in the simplest way I can, so you can start using the Law of Attraction…Continue Reading “The key to Making Law of Attraction Work for You”

The 11 “forgotten” Laws of Attraction have been coveted by the Law of Attraction gurus for many, many years. Although the Law of Attraction is in fact considered a universal law, it has been known to work for some and not work for others. Why is that? The Law of Attraction as you know is incomplete. As a matter of fact, is a small piece of the puzzle of a large image. Not necessarily mean that nobody knows what I’ll cover in this review, however,…Continue Reading “Harness the 11 Forgotten Laws of Attraction”

The Secret is a new movie I saw last night with some friends. I know he is not playing in theaters right now, but you can get the Secret DVD for under $ 30. I saw the DVD at a friend’s house. I think this movie has the potential to spread quickly through word of mouth, and I hope it will become the nearest underground hit, at least among people with a passion for personal development.  The secret is in a format similar to the…Continue Reading “The Secret – Movie That Transforms Your Life?”

The Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think. Your dominant thought to find a way to manifest. But the law of attraction leads to some tough questions that seem to have good answers. I would, however, that these problems are not caused by the law of attraction in itself, but rather by the Law of Attraction as applied to objective reality. Here are some of the problematic issues (all are generalizations of which I received via email): What…Continue Reading “How to Use Law of Attraction in a Daily Life?”

I have read a lot of books on self help, success, and other topics related to personal growth. It wasn’t until I read “The Science of Getting Rich” that all I had read really started to make sense. Although Rhonda Byrne, the author of “The Secret” says that “The Science of Getting Rich” is was one of the books she was influenced by, she missed some crucial points about what Wallace Wattles had to say. 1. The Science of Getting Rich is practical. It’s not…Continue Reading “An Introduction To The Science Of Getting Rich”