Linda was a very hard working, sincere, emotional and a caring person, but she went through a very bad phase of life. She had a broken relationship, was constantly criticized by her boss despite her hard work and eventually was given the pink slip. After a little brain storming with her, I realized that the problem was not outside her, it was within her. She has a little dark complexion and thus always had a complex that she is not pretty.  For the past 10 years she…Continue Reading “How to Transform Your Life with ‘The Secret’ and the Law of Attraction?”

You don’t need any “Pick-Up-Lines” to get to know someone, because humans naturally want to be together. You don’t need “secret seduction techniques” to meet someone because all humans naturally want to make love. You don’t need “lots of effort” to find someone because humans naturally belong together. Humans gravitate toward each other. Loneliness means you are putting a lot of effort into denying the reality of human nature and interaction. You don’t need the Belief that “all the good ones are taken” because there…Continue Reading “The Law of Attraction for Flirt”