Science has once again demonstrated how beneficial meditation! The study, conducted with the support of the University of Wisconsin in Madison, confirmed the beneficial side of meditation, about whom you know and who feel themselves on a daily basis – such as increased resistance to stress, improved cardiovascular system and strengthen immunity. It was also found that it prevents certain areas of the brain aging and improves attention. the science You may ask, what specific benefit of these conclusions can bring you? The subject of…Continue Reading “Meditation is Backed Up By Science”

One of the basic concepts for bio-energy is the concept of chakras. Most of the energy for the life of a person gets on a subtle level. Chakras form around the physical body’s energy field, the aura. Chakras are the link between the physical body and subtle bodies of the aura. Chakra (.. Sanskrit चक्र, literally “circle”, “wheel”, “drive”) – a rotating vortex of energy located in the subtle body of man. This kind of generator which transforms the energy (prana or chi) of the…Continue Reading “Introduction to Chakras (For Beginners)”