J.J. Rousseau boiled this question down to the question of social inequality and the ways to overcome it. Kant believed in the basic question of philosophy, gets down to the “apriori” knowledge, i.e., the knowledge that is produced by questioning, and J.G. Fichte believed this is a question of the fundamental principle of all knowledge. The well-known Russian philosopher S.L. Frank was often pre-occupied with a question: what is the man and what is its true purpose, which a well-known representative of the French existentialist…Continue Reading “Idealism vs Materialism – Biggest Philosophic Issue”

The ability to add up anything in your lifeĀ  is also based on the law of attraction. Think about the meaning of the above statement, you will be easy to understand to life has developed successfully, you need to think about what you want to have in your life and try to avoid thinking about what would not want to face. The power of thought Any thought of man, no matter what kind of mood she was there: positive or negative, is endowed with energy….Continue Reading “Introduction To The Law of Atraction”

Well coordinated work of the subconscious mind and is a guarantee for achieving high results and success. To ensure this consistency, you must learn to control your thoughts, filling, so your subconscious necessary and constructive ideas. To learn how to most effectively do this, it is shown in detail in a movie called “The Secret”. This tape is available and specific examples described in the Law of Attraction by which human life is filled with precisely the events and people who are mentally draws himself….Continue Reading “Tap Into The Power of Subconscious Mind”

The Law of Attraction is always working. It affects all people, even if the person does not realize this. All, without exception, are subject to the law of the universe, which states that “you attract to yourself and your life is on anything concentrate your attention on what focus your thoughts and emotions.” So you are building your own reality, now and in the future. In your life will manifest what is in your head, so the universe responds to your thoughts and emotions. Your…Continue Reading “Doubting The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Nullify It”

It’s simple. Because they do not even try. Exactly. Few people even think about the questions: “What do I want?”, “What do I have the ability?”, “What is the best I can get?” And even if I was ready to succeed. And for those who think, inner voice replies: “I nowhere no good, because I do not know how,” or “I want to earn a lot of money, but I can not because …” or “I like to do something from which life is of…Continue Reading “Why Goals Are Left Unfulfilled?”

The first secret of success is… Huge INTENTION TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE This is the first and main secret of success. What is the inner intention? The intention – is the willingness to be and to act decisively. Internal means that your desire comes from the heart, not the mind. The soul controls the emotions, mind, logic. If between emotion and logic conflict arises, always and in all circumstances, win the emotions. They just an order of magnitude stronger than in our universe….Continue Reading “Make The Law of Attraction Work for You”

Intention – this boom, just beating the target and allows to achieve the desired. Intention – the main tool of magicians. Now there is a lot of training for those who want to become successful, which teaches the correct form intent. More and more books on psychology are paying attention to this issue. “Being determines consciousness”? Oh, that’s old information. Everything happens exactly the opposite. We ourselves define its existence. Learn how to create and run the intention, and you all will work out. Intention…Continue Reading “Intention – The Only Real Magic”

1. LAW OF VOID It all begins with emptiness. The void must always be filled. 2. LAW of Barriers Opportunities are not given for the future. It must be decided to cross the barrier as a conventional barrier. Opportunities are given after an internal solution. Treasured desires are given to us, together with the forces for their implementation. 3. LAW neutral position To change, you must stop and then change direction. 4. LAW of BOARD To pay for all needed: for actions and omissions. What…Continue Reading “30 Laws of The Life”

Do you think I’ll be here to preach the visualization and the Law of Attraction, will teach you how to attract success, money, an ideal relationship? Unfortunately no. And maybe, I’ll blame the law of attraction, argue that visualization – tales for the gullible idiots and can not draw anything, no law exists? No, I’m going to do. I want to spread information about the law of attraction and their attitude to it (it is his own, which do not impose) on the shelves and…Continue Reading “Using The Power of Thoughts In Your Favour”

In this article, let’s talk about the Law of Attraction, what it represents and what effect has on our lives. And most importantly – what is the secret of attraction and how to run it, to attract to us what we desire. The law of attraction goes something like this: “You attract into your life what you think best.” And, as a consequence, the secret law of attraction, “think about what you want and ignore and do not think about what you do not want.”…Continue Reading “Are You Using The Law of Attraction Correctly?”