J.J. Rousseau boiled this question down to the question of social inequality and the ways to overcome it. Kant believed in the basic question of philosophy, gets down to the “apriori” knowledge, i.e., the knowledge that is produced by questioning, and J.G. Fichte believed this is a question of the fundamental principle of all knowledge. The well-known Russian philosopher S.L. Frank was often pre-occupied with a question: what is the man and what is its true purpose, which a well-known representative of the French existentialist…Continue Reading “Idealism vs Materialism – Biggest Philosophic Issue”

Do successful people have specific characteristics? What makes successful people achieve their goals? We all look for ways to become successful, yet many believe that it is difficult to achieve success. Some possess naturally the characteristics that the successful people have while others learn to acquire those attributes. There are many characteristics that successful people have, however, there are four major ones. 1. Having clear plan and commitment If you don’t have a clear plan toward a specific goal and if you are not committed…Continue Reading “Characteristics of the successful people”

Do you want to make your goals come true? If you set your goals but fail to make them come true, this will be the right article that you must continue to read on. Although goal setting is a very powerful technique that can help you to manifest your dreams, yet, most people still fail to make their goals come true. As long as you follow through the 3 guaranteed strategies that you are going to find below, you will definitely accomplish your goals and…Continue Reading “3 Guaranteed Strategies To Make Your Goals Come True”