Belief in reincarnation has been around for a very long time, probably as much as the human race exists. The doctrine of reincarnation is a central position in most Indian religions. In recent decades the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčreincarnation cease to be a part of whatever religion, and become part of people’s worldview. About twenty years ago, there was an amazing psycho-therapeutic method – regressive hypnosis allows a person to get in their previous incarnations and thus solve their most long-standing problems. Proof of the reality…Continue Reading “Do You Believe in Reincarnation?”

The rapid development and distribution of all kinds of esoteric spiritual practices leads to the fact that more and more people goes through a spiritual crisis or spiritual transformation of the individual. Now, many are drawn to knowledge, looking to discover new ways of spiritual development. Who am I? Why am I? How come? Where am I going? And when a person ceases to meet the answers from the government, education, society, religion, he hits the road. What the traveler may encounter? What pitfalls await…Continue Reading “The Difficulties in The Way & The Spiritual Crisis”

All that you have not accepted as they are (without trying to oppose it, to keep, ignore, suppress or change) is stored in the form of karma, good or bad, depending on experience emotions. If you want to get rid of karma, you need to let her out, and take it as it is. Otherwise, it will remain, and the chain reaction of karma accumulation will continue. At that moment, when you allow something to be as it is, it ceases to bother you and…Continue Reading “How to Get Rid Of Karmic Negativity?”

Sometimes we say “I am attached to him,” without even knowing how literally convey the essence of these words. When a person from something or someone is energetically independent, we can talk about the presence of binding. Attachment is – this energy channel, which is formed during human interaction with other people, objects or egregors. Lets you distinguish between two concepts: energy channel and the binding energy. It’s not quite the same thing. Energy channels appear as given at the time of communication between two…Continue Reading “Unseen Attachment Between People”

In the universe, in order to maintain the spiritual and material energy balance, energy metabolism is permanently and continuously taking place. This circulation of energy takes place in the framework of the energy preservation law. Community — in fact — it is the energy exchange. The generated energy is given to a man from the outside. But, in accordance with the laws of energy preservation, a person must receive energy from outside. Hence the need to communicate. People communicate for the sake of personal gain….Continue Reading “Connection Between People on Energetic Level”

Is there somewhere a source of money and happiness? People who are used to the money the word “earn”, destined to small incomes. I always say that money is created! Because the money – it’s an idea! And if you go even deeper, money – is energy! In ancient times believed in the alchemists, who were able to turn base metal into gold. And they were very close to the truth. Each of us is a kind of alchemist. You can turn their thoughts (ideas)…Continue Reading “Is There are A Source of Money?”