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    11 Aspects of Practical Spiritual Science

    Practical spiritual science deals with several aspects, which are all different, yet nonetheless connected. In this blog post, we will discuss motif, trust, trials, refinement, transformation, strength, pride, reward, meditation, altruism, solidarity, etc. Motif The right motive for seeking self-insight is about focusing on insight and not on yourself. Self-insight is essential, but it is only due to the knowledge one can acquire, and it has nothing to do with one’s self. One must seek self-insight from devotion to insight and understanding, and the self-insight will eventually become a reward in itself. If one becomes impatient, it indicates that the person works for reward and not for devotion, and it…

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    Origin of The Hermetic Philosophy

    The HERMETIC PHILOSOPHY – is considered to be a pearl of ancient and eternal wisdom. Hermes is identical to the god of wisdom Tehuti (Greek: Thoth). In the drawings of the Osiris Temple in Abydos, Tehuti reaches the ankh cross – the symbol of life – to Pharaoh Sethos I, in the form of Osiris. Originating from Egypt It is widely acknowledged that the philosophy of hermeticism originates from ancient Egypt. This opinion is also highly seasoned with platonic ideas (which are also considered to be derived from Egyptian cosmology). The aim of Plato’s teachings was that personal mastery of life must come first and foremost, and could be achieved…

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    The Definition of Esoteric Science

    More and more people use the word “esoteric,” and among other things, it has become commonplace to say that symbolism usually has an “esoteric meaning.” Some, therefore, believe that esoteric means “mysterious” or “mystery,” but the word “mystery” is Greek, and was originally used for the often dramatic representations of the world’s creation, cosmic processes, and energies, or the qualities and development of the spirit and the soul, etc. The Hierophants (the chief priests performed the mysteries as dramas in the temples, in order for the neophytes to interpret the esoteric significance of the esoteric rituals, and all that happened in the walls of these mysteries – strictly kept secret.…

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    Mental Abilities – Fact or Fiction?

    Let clear something out right from the start: In this article, it is not questioned whether the ability to “see” using spiritual senses is a fact or not. The starting point is that psychic abilities are a fact. Instead, it focuses on whether you can rely on the nature and quality of the clairvoyance that is increasingly being offered to people seeking psychiatric therapists and whether there is a reason to be critical and, if so, how. It has become common practice to consult a clairvoyant who, through his special abilities, is able to see aura, inner worlds, and phenomena that one cannot see with the physical sight. Specifically this…

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    How to Get Rid of Phobias Fast?

    First of all, understand and explain yourself two points: 1. Most people acquire a phobia as a result of a single situation that was very dangerous or seem such. The fact that for the manifestation of fear (fear) needed only one case only one test proves that your brain really is able to quickly learn and it facilitates the development of new reactions you. 2.That part of you that all these years have defended you, keeping this phobia – it is an important and valuable part, and you want to preserve its ability to protect you in dangerous situations – but the ground and strengthening this through its ability to…

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    What is the cause of all your problems?

    Maybe you think that’s a good question and let it marinate in your head for a while … First something else: First I’ll take you back in time, 110 years back in time. In physics, there was nothing to discover at the beginning of 1900. As they called it, it was almost a closed science. There were still a few questions unanswered, but most were answered. Newton had done his best and thanks to Newton we can calculate a lot of things. We had a model for gravity, the speed of matter and we could calculate that. So ready..? But the light was slightly different. That goes very quickly, and…

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    Idealism vs Materialism – Biggest Philosophic Issue

    J.J. Rousseau boiled this question down to the question of social inequality and the ways to overcome it. Kant believed in the basic question of philosophy, gets down to the “apriori” knowledge, i.e., the knowledge that is produced by questioning, and J.G. Fichte believed this is a question of the fundamental principle of all knowledge. The well-known Russian philosopher S.L. Frank was often pre-occupied with a question: what is the man and what is its true purpose, which a well-known representative of the French existentialist Albert Camus believed was  served as the question of whether or not life is to be lived. Idealists As for the idealists, they recognize the…

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    Talking to a Therapist VS. Talking to A Friend

    During a discussion forum on psychology, was asked to post the question in the title, and it made me stop for a moment. There is a question that I’ve already come across in the past. “Why do we need to go and pay a hundred dollars a psychologist if you can sit with a friend over a beer?” Or the stereotype you often hear –  “Those who go to a psychologist, have no friends to speak to.” Now, for me personally the answer was pretty obvious, but when it was asked, at the moment I stopped and tried to think about it again, especially to formulate my answer more clearly.…

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    Have You Ever Told Yourself “I Hate My Life?”

    Most of us have experienced that pivotal peak of pain, anger or frustration in which we want to scream “I hate my life.” It’s OK, you are not an emo psycho, if you do. Yet, the feeling that a dark cloud has specifically settled over us and our experiences can feel pretty isolating. The truth is, no matter how singled out or overwhelmed I feel, and no matter what area I am struggling in, I discovered I am not alone. One in 10 Americans struggles with clinical depression. All of us have moments of utter despair. Escaping from this hopeless-seeming state may feel impossible. Yet, in reality, we are not…

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    Get Set Study and Score More!

    With the increasing competition in the field of education, be it in any stream from science to arts, even the schools and coaching institutes find it difficult to pay proper attention to each and every individual which brings the need for home tution. Another reasons that make home tutions so much important is that not every child is brilliant enough to survive amidst the stressful environment of the best schools or coaching in business and need some pampering, special attention and extra time to get ot the best in them which is only possible through home tutions as the child can start from there comfort zone being at his own…