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Attachments of The Earth

On Earth, there are a lot of things, what can be strongly attached. But if the attachment to worldly goods is strong, it outweighs spirituality. Bindings as thick chain holding soul without letting it develop. I’m sure many of you have noticed that people often lose something that is strongly attached. What the mechanism works in this case?

Eastern religions preach the desire for the complete absence of desires. Freedom from desires and attachments (which in turn are the cause of suffering) leads man to achieve nirvana – the ultimate goal of the aspirations, the state of supreme peace and the total absence of suffering. Christianity also offers renounce everything except the love of God – “Love God above his mother and his father.”

Let’s see what can be attached…

1 level. The most simple – a material, bodily. This money, food, alcohol, drugs, sex, material possessions, property. It’s something that you can touch and feel the body.

2 level. The next level of bindings – it is something that can not be touched, to this level are tied more evolved souls. It is a relationship, a loved one, family, social status, career. It may also be a sense of duty, morality. It can be any egregor, religion, idea, and so on.

3 level. And finally, the highest level, it is most difficult to practice, – attachment to their spiritual qualities. This is something that does not die along with the physical body, and moves together with the soul in the next life.
This “caught” the soul with high development. It is relatively easy to give up attachment to that “do not carry to the grave.” But so hard tried and tested quality of the soul, because it is quite another thing – it’s abilities, talents, wisdom, knowledge, kindness, honesty, etc. It would seem that this is what has been achieved, that no one can take away, that’s what people. He has the right to be proud of. But sometimes this pride turns into a very real pride. And to overcome this can be very difficult.

Almost everyone wants to be rich, to have a family, to make a good career, he wants to have some outstanding talent. What’s bad about it? It is in this nothing wrong. And if a person has it all – great! But we are talking about bindings. What is binding? This excessive power attachment (addiction, obsession) to anything or anyone who pollutes the soul. Simply put, that it became for the man is more important than his own spiritual development.

How to understand that the attachment to the earth became too strong and harmful to the soul? Very simply – by increasing aggression. Almost all negative emotions are due to attachment to something, obsession with something.

What negative emotions cause binding:

• Contempt for those who do not has. Man tied to money, will despise the poor. Man tied to his morals, would despise cheaters and scoundrels.

• Envy of those who have it any more.

• Hatred of those who robs a man of his object of affection.

• Condemnation of those who do not share his views.

• Regret that was not able to reach a larger (more money, more to climb the career ladder, it is better to pass the exam, to be kinder, etc.)

• Unwillingness to live, if a person is deprived of what is bound.

• Permanent loss of fear, jealousy.

• Constant thirst for possession of the object of affection.

At the subtle level all the people are united. If one person feels a strong aggression, he does the most harm to the universe. aggression mechanism automatically locks.

The most preferred – a voluntary approach. Man takes himself in hand, elects a path of spiritual development, working on their emotions, he refuses to anchor the object involved in charity, fasting, etc. I personally know the famous and successful healer, who went in the evenings to earn a medical orderly, to make a duck to reduce the level of their pride.

If the voluntary renunciation of aggression does not happen, it includes a mechanism forced the lock.

1. Partial or total loss of what one is attached. Robbery, funneling the money through his fingers, the collapse of the family, a betrayal of a loved one, failure of performance, demotion, reduction in capacity, etc.
If a person takes everything with humility and internally releases that risks losing, the situation is getting better soon. If the level of aggression increases and more people begin to hate, despise, and angry, then turn on the next version of the lock.

2. Illnesses, injuries, misfortunes. The disease is very well separates from the ground, causes a person to pay attention to your soul, learn humility, to turn to God. If the man does not understand anything, it should be the most critical variant of…

3. Death.

Problems, misery and disease should be taken with humility, and even with gratitude, as a means of purification of the soul. The point of support should always be love in its broadest sense. Paradoxically, the more spiritual is the man, the more he is given a chance to change, and the more it tests for life.


Doctors, healers, psychics treat that throw off a disease in the future. The disease will sooner or later be returned if no changes in the human soul. It often happens: there is some sore, people ran to the doctor cured. Just a few months later the disease returned or ill something else. And all because the cause of the disease has not been eliminated.

Maybe that’s why the Church prohibits healing, believing that it is from the dark forces. Healer relieves a person from working out, as a result of which he had to understand for myself something important, and it is possible to correct. After suffering elevate the soul.

So, it turns out, it is not necessary to be treated? Of course, should be treated. But it is necessary to try to understand how such negative emotions fed illness. By getting rid of the cause, it will be easier to win and the disease itself. Cases of self-healing people through internal changes. What do you do if you find yourself snapping, which leads to negative thoughts and emotions? You can not blame yourself if it or hate it. Self-hatred – it’s the same aggression, this subconscious desire in himself to die. We must not blame yourself for bad thoughts, and work on yourself with love. His Devil should be put behind bars. For this purpose, self-discipline, prayer, fasting and solitude – that is off the body of interest. Periodic restrictions body needs give rise to spirituality. For those who lead a righteous life, there is one catch – the temptation to despise those who do not. Therefore, the repentant sinner will be closer to God than the righteous persuaded.

Any aggression toward another person or to oneself – is aggression in relation to God, to the universe. Heals the soul of love – love for God, love for yourself, love for people, love for the world.

Be healthy!

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