The Myths Surrounding Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal is a popular trend in the beauty industry that can provide patients with silkier and smoother skin. If you’re looking to enjoy hair-free skin, you’ve likely done some research into almost every method of hair removal – and you’ll have likely discovered that traditional shaving and waxing are becoming less popular methods now that long term solutions have risen.

However, with most beauty trends, laser hair removal is feared by some people. Despite being regarded as one of the safest hair removal treatments available, there are myths circulating that could be holding you back from laser hair removal. This article tackles some of the common misconceptions surrounding the treatment and explains why they’re myths.

Myth – It’s a Dangerous Procedure

One of the main reasons why a lot of people hold back from laser hair removal is because they’re under the false impression that it’s dangerous, unhealthy or unsafe. It should be noted that laser hair removal is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment that’s regarded as safe and relatively painless. The sensation is often described as quick, slight burns.

Laser hair removal machines are properly registered and approved by the government. The light energy that’s produced by the laser machines hasn’t been linked to any harmful radiations and isn’t considered to be bad for you or your skin.

Like with everything, the treatment does come with some risks. These risks mostly surround darker skin or pre-existing skin conditions. A lot of these risks can be prevented with a lower level of laser energy. Visit a professional and they’ll be able to assess whether or not your skin is suitable for laser hair removal.

Myth – Laser Hair Clinics Are After Your Money

A lot of people seem to believe that repeated sessions are unnecessary when it comes to laser hair removal. This is a big misconception. Repeated sessions are always necessary, with the number of laser hair removal treatments subjective to the type of skin and hair that’s being dealt with. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for laser hair removal to be effective after just one session. Your hair follicle needs to be properly damaged, and this can only occur with burning the root of the hair over time.

Hair also grows in a cycle, so the treatment needs to be performed at different times to ensure all hairs are targeted. If you don’t return for additional sessions, you’ll only have damaged the hair in one stage of its cycle, so it’s likely that it will grow back. In this sense, clinics and beauty technicians are not trying to just take more money from you, as they’re truly being genuine about the amount of sessions you need. Keep in mind that the amount of hair people have varies, so the amount of sessions will vary as well.

Myth – It’ll Remove Your Hair for Good

People are often disappointed when they hear the news that laser hair removal doesn’t necessarily mean your hair is gone forever. Most patients will notice a significant reduction in their hair and its growth, but sadly, hair can be stubborn and can grow back over time. In some cases, this may take years to happen, or it might not happen at all, but you should always consider that it might happen. Either way, your hair growth should be a lot slower and lighter.